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In the dynamic landscape of global entrepreneurship, Canada has emerged as a beacon for visionary minds and innovative thinkers through its groundbreaking initiative – the Canadian Start-Up Visa Program. This program stands as a testament to Canada’s commitment to fostering innovation, economic growth, and diversity on the global stage.

The Canadian Start-Up Visa Program offers a unique pathway for talented entrepreneurs from around the world to establish their innovative ventures in Canada. Launched with the aim of attracting cutting-edge talent and transformative ideas, this visa program has quickly become a catalyst for the country’s vibrant start-up ecosystem.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who meet the criteria set by the program gain access to a supportive environment that encourages the development of groundbreaking technologies, products, and services. From artificial intelligence to sustainable technologies, the Canadian Start-Up Visa Program welcomes pioneers across various industries, promoting the exchange of ideas and the creation of lasting economic value. One can apply for the program as an individual or as a part of up to 5 business owners. 

The Canadian Startup Visa program aims to drive economic growth, job creation, and innovation by attracting and retaining talented entrepreneurs who can contribute to the country’s thriving startup ecosystem. Applicants are encouraged to review the specific program requirements and consult with designated organizations for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

You can also explore other immigration pathways more suited to each particular situation. All of our fees and packages are also available! 

Book a consultation today to discuss your eligibility and take your first step towards living and working in Canada. Let us guide you through the Start-up Visa and turn your Canadian entrepreneur dream into a reality.


Program Timeline

Create a Permanent Residence Online Application Portal

Gather all of the necessary documents in support of your application and follow the Instruction Guide (IMM 5759) for a smooth application process.

Fill out Digital and PDF forms

Most of the PDF forms do not need to be signed and need to be uploaded with the online application. Also, upload one photo for each family member.

Biometrics, Fees, and Submission

If aged between 14 and 79, complete the biometrics process within 30 days of receiving the instruction letter. When submitting your application, upload the documents, answer all the questions, sign the application, and include the processing fee receipts.

Temporary Work Permit

As your application for permanent residence undergoes processing, you have the option to apply for a temporary work permit. This allows you to travel to Canada and initiate the establishment of your business while your permanent residency application is being reviewed.

Our Professional Fees

Full Package
End-to-End Representation
Initial Consultation Credit
Authorized Representation
Secure Online Client Portal
Consultations - As Required
Online, Phone & Email Support
EOI, All Forms & Supporting Letters
Personalized Document Checklist
Representative's Submission Letter
Commission of Forms & Declarations
Full Post-Submission Support
Two Payment Instalments
Discounted Add-Ons: Adding Spouse/Partner (+$1,000); Adding Child (+$500); Status Extension/Restoration Per Applicant (+$500)
$50 - $200
One-Time Consultation
Initial Consultation Credit
Authorized Representation
Review of Documents, Forms, Eligibility and/or Case-Specific Questions During Consultation
In-Office / Online / Phone
Up to 15-min Session - $85
Up to 30-min Session - $135
Up to 1-hour Session - $200
Eligibility Assessment Only - $50 (Not Available for All Programs)
Review Before Consultation
Personalized Document Checklist
Completion of Forms
Writing Letters
  • Designated organizations are approved groups that can invest in or support potential start-ups. Entrepreneurs need their support to be eligible for the program.

  • No, borrowing the required funds from another person is not allowed. Applicants must show that they possess the necessary financial resources.

  • If a designated organization supports your business, you will receive a letter of support, and the organization will submit a commitment certificate to immigration authorities.

  • Yes, applicants can choose any designated organization that is willing to support their start-up, provided they meet the organization’s criteria.

No, there is no specific annual quota for the program. The selection process is based on the quality of applications rather than a predetermined number.

  • The program is open to businesses in various industries, including technology, innovation, and others. The key is that the business must be innovative, scalable, and have the potential for significant growth.

No, the Start-Up Visa is designed for applicants outside Canada. You must apply from outside the country, and successful applicants will receive permanent residence upon arrival.

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