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The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), Employer Job Offer Category – International Student Stream is a pathway for international students in Canada who have graduated from eligible Ontario institutions and wish to obtain permanent residency in the province. This stream is designed to attract and retain talented individuals who have completed their education in Ontario and have the skills and qualifications needed to contribute to the province’s economic growth.

Through the OINP International Student Stream, eligible candidates may receive a nomination from the province, enhancing their chances of obtaining permanent residency in Canada. This program reflects Ontario’s commitment to welcoming and integrating international students, recognizing their potential to positively impact the local economy and enrich the province’s diverse cultural landscape. It also aligns with Ontario’s goal of attracting and retaining skilled individuals who have already demonstrated their commitment to the province through their education. It not only benefits international students by providing a pathway to permanent residency but also contributes to Ontario’s economic growth by filling gaps in the labour market with qualified and skilled professionals.

You can also get to know other immigration pathways more suited to each particular situation. All of our fees and packages are also available! Overall, the OINP International Student Stream plays a crucial role in enhancing Ontario’s competitiveness in the global talent market and fostering a diverse and inclusive society. You can also get acquainted with other OINP programs.

Book a consultation today to discuss your eligibility with an expert immigration advisor and take your first step toward living and working in Ontario. Let our immigration firm guide you through the International Student stream and make your Canadian dream a reality.

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Latest Updates

  • As of February 8, 2024 the OINP has issued invitations to apply for eligible candidates in the fields of health and tech. General occupation invitations have been sent to those candidates whose score was 78 and above. Read more
  • On January 2, 2024, OINP has modified the Employer Job Offer: International Student stream, making it possible for international students who have completed a one-year-long graduate certificate or degree to be eligible under this program. Read more
  • On August 15, 2023 invitations were issued to professionals in the fields of health, tech, and skilled trades and candidates received an invitation if they had a score of 61 and above. Read more
  • On May 9, 2023 invitations were issued to eligible candidates with a score of 62 and above, who worked in the fields of tech and health care. Read more

Program Timeline

Once your application has been approved, you will receive the following via email:

  • A nomination approval letter
  • A nomination certificate 
  • A work permit support letter (if applicable) 

Once the applicant has the appropriate documents, the following stage is applying for Permanent Residency through the OINP International Student Stream. To do so, there are certain conditions that an applicant has to meet and maintain throughout the whole process. Those include: 

  • The applicant must either be already employed at the approved company and employer, or pursue a work permit within six months and start working within 10 months if the applicant has not started the job yet. If this condition is not met, the OINP program must be notified immediately. 
  • The nature of the employment, alongside the employer, position, wage, location must remain consistent throughout the whole process. Upon any changes in the employment, the OINP program must be notified of those changes. 


Create a profile

Creating a profile on the OINP e-Filing Portal.

Register an expression of interest

Registering an expression of interest for the international student stream.

Fill in forms and upload documents

Filling in forms and uploading required documentations within 14 days of receiving invitation to apply.

Applying for permanent residency (PR)

Applying for permanent residency (PR) to the IRCC within 6 months of receiving the nomination.

Our Professional Fees

Full Package
End-to-End Representation
Initial Consultation Credit
Authorized Representation
Secure Online Client Portal
Consultations - As Required
Online, Phone & Email Support
EOI, All Forms & Supporting Letters
Personalized Document Checklist
Representative's Submission Letter
Commission of Forms & Declarations
Full Post-Submission Support
Two Payment Instalments
Discounted Add-Ons: Adding Spouse/Partner (+$1,000); Adding Child (+$500); Status Extension/Restoration Per Applicant (+$500)
$50 - $200
One-Time Consultation
Initial Consultation Credit
Authorized Representation
Review of Documents, Forms, Eligibility and/or Case-Specific Questions During Consultation
In-Office / Online / Phone
Up to 15-min Session - $85
Up to 30-min Session - $135
Up to 1-hour Session - $200
Eligibility Assessment Only - $50 (Not Available for All Programs)
Review Before Consultation
Personalized Document Checklist
Completion of Forms
Writing Letters

No, this stream, like other OINP Job Offer Streams, operate outside of Express Entry. An applicant can not apply for this stream directly. Rather, they have two ways to be considered for this stream:

  • Create an Express Entry profile and receive their Notification of Interest (NOI)
  • Create a profile on OINP e-filing portal and register Expression of Interest

Then, the applicant has to wait until they receive their invitation from Ontario and submit their application to the province within 14 days
The third and final step is to receive the nomination approval letter and apply for Permanent Residency within 6 months.
The key idea behind the OINP program is to search the Express Entry pool for eligible applicants who are equipped with the skills and knowledge to advance the economic state of Ontario by bringing proficient specialists to the province.

The key factor to consider is the importance of maintaining a valid status in Canada. If an applicant’s work permit is valid, they may work as long as that permit allows. Later, upon meeting eligibility, an applicant may have the possibility of working under “Maintained Status” while awaiting for a decision on their application. So, the important thing to keep in mind is the validity of the applicant’s status, and keeping the status up-to-date.

The higher the candidate’s level of education, the more points the applicant will be granted. For example, some of the eligible education markers and the points possible to receive from them are:

  • A Ph.D. – 10 points
  • A Master’s degree – 8 points
  • Bachelor’s degree or a Graduate diploma/certificate – 6 points
  • Undergraduate diploma/apprenticeship/college diploma – 5 points
  • Less than a college diploma – 0 points.

Hence, the higher the level of education, the higher the chances of getting a NOI.

Yes, It is important to remember than knowledge of the official Canadian languages also affects an applicant’s scores, so upon learning both, and applicant can increase the chances of getting an NOI. For example, if the applicant speaks both official languages: French and English, they will receive 10 points. However, 5 points are granted for each official language ability. The level at which the applicant commands the language is also a scoring factor. For example:

  • CLB level 9 – 10 points
  • CLB level 8 – 6 points
  • CLB level 7 – 4 points

(any level lower does not receive any points)

Yes, there are several institutions that offer various degrees with the duration of at least a year. Some of these institutions are:

  • Algoma University
  • Trent University
  • University of Windsor
  • York University

No, self-employed professionals (physicians also) are not eligible for the OINP International Student Stream. The key requirement to apply for any of the OINP Job Offer Stream, is to hold a valid job offer from an eligible employer. Without this relationship, applicants can not receive an invitation from the province under this program. Self-employed skilled professionals can be eligible for the Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream, which will grant them the opportunity to apply while self-employed, upon meeting certain eligibility criteria.

One of the main eligibility requirements for this stream is to pursue the eligible certificate on a full-time basis, whether it should have lasted a year or two depends on the academic credential. The applicant’s educational institution determines how many hours per week is considered a full-time study program. Typically, 15 hours per week is required for a student to be actively instructed in the institution to consider the acquired degree or certificate full-time.

Some points are granted to an applicant on the basis of their status opon two scenarios:

  • The applicant holds a valid study permit
  • The applicant holds a valid work permit

In either case, 10 points will be granted to the applicant. There are no points available for any other status.

Yes, the OINP program prioritizes certain fields in education, and grants more points depending on the applicant’s degree and in which field of study that degree has been acquired in. The highest points that can be received for the field of study factor is 12. To be able to receive these 12 points, the degree or certificate must be in the field of STEM/Health and Trades. This includes professions like engineering, data science, health, architecture, construction and other eligible professions. 6 points are granted if the applicant’s degree was in business and administration, economics, social sciences, legal, and educational sciences. Degrees that specialize in art and humanities, BHASE, and un-classifies programs are not eligible to earn any points.

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