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With a population of more than 13.5 million, Ontario is the most multicultural province in Canada, where 40 % of the approximately 250,000 new immigrants  each year choose to settle and call new home. Toronto has been called the most multicultural city in the world, where more than 100 languages and dialects are spoken. If you are planning to move to Ontario, this section provides information on the immigration process and options. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program  is an immigration program through which Ontario nominates individuals and their families for permanent resident status based on its labour market and economic development priorities. Some streams under this program  may target skilled workers, others students or businesses.

Ontario PNP Requirements

Applying to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident under the provincial programs is a two-step process:  applicants will receive a PNP nomination first, which can be used to apply for permanent residence through Express Entry.

Ontario offers an opportunity to live and work permanently in the province to:

  • English-speaking skilled workers
  • French-speaking skilled workers
  • Master’s Degree graduates in ON
  • PhD graduates in ON
  • Foreign Workers with Job Offer
  • International Students with Job Offer

Applicants applying to the Masters Graduate Stream and  PhD Graduate Stream can apply without job offer. While skilled worker must have the required education, skilled work experience, demonstrate language ability, and other characteristics which will help them successfully establish and integrate into Ontario’s labour market and communities.

Ontario Nominee Program also helps employers meet their human resource needs for workers, by offers enabling them to recruit foreign workers and international students. Skilled foreign workers with a full-time job offer from Ontario employer have opportunity to apply to work and live permanently in the province. Recently Ontario Nominee Program opened new stream focused on in-demand occupations  in the agricultural and construction sectors.

Please note Province of Ontario charges a $1,500 application fee, which covers the cost of processing your application and is non-refundable once you submit your application.

Everyone’s path to Canada is very unique based on variety of immigration categories. We’re inviting you to complete our Free Assessment, if you’re interested in applying for one of Ontario Nominee Programs.

How to Start

Free Assessment
Not sure where to start or which program seems to be right for you? Whether you're looking to move to Canada for a short time, or permanently, our customized assessment system will help to determine your eligibility in 1 easy step.
Pre-screening Interview
All applications are reviewed by Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant. Qualified candidates will receive invitation to pre-screening interview with one of our coordinators. After the interview, coordinator should have enough information to ensure you meet selection criteria, and all qualified candidates will be invited to Initial Consultation with Immigration Consultant.
Book Consultation
After receiving Invitation to Initial Consultation click on the book consultation button to arrange consultation via our online portal. You'll have an option to select time, method (e.g. online, phone, in-person) and make a payment. After booking consultation, we'll contact you on next business day to provide consultation instructions.

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